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Discover the benefits of therapeutic massage at Solace Massage Therapy

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Perhaps you have suffered a sports-related injury or have been injured during a minor fender bender. Maybe you work a demanding job and are experiencing the negative symptoms of extreme levels of stress, suffer from chronic pain caused by a separate medical issue or you simply pulled a muscle in your lower back when lifting a heavy bag of groceries. Whatever the case may be, muscle aches and pains are unfortunately common among adults.

Often times, medical attention is required to ease the painful symptoms of a pulled muscle, chronic pain or stress-induced tension. And though prescription medication may help in reducing pain tremendously, it’s undeniable that receiving a shot or taking a daily pill never feels as good as a relaxing massage.

A therapeutic massage can assist the release of tension from the body while offering a soothing, relaxing sensation. And as patients seek relief from medication through their personal healing processes, a therapeutic massage can also render excellent health benefits. And as with any type of therapy, it’s important to know which type of massage is right for your pain or stress-induced tension, and Kim Guenthner of Louisville’s Solace Massage Therapy takes this into deep consideration.

Solace Massage Therapy’s goal is to console and assist those in pain and those who are experiencing a great deal of stress, which is why this business offers a large variety of different types of massages.

One widely popular service offered by Solace Massage Therapy is deep tissue massage. This type of therapeutic massage aims to release patterns of chronic pain throughout the body. Deep pressure is applied to the body while using slow strokes to reach the body’s deepest layers of muscle tissue.

solace1Another of this business’ most popular offerings is Swedish massage, which involves applying oil to the skin as the massage therapist guides the muscle tissue’s blood and lymph toward the body’s other vital organs. As nutrients are distributed throughout the entire body during this type of therapy, toxins are encouraged to be released.

Myofascial Release is also offered by Solace Massage Therapy of Louisville, and involves applying light pressure to the body’s Myofascial connective tissues. This promotes the restoration of motion throughout the body’s inner system while relieving pain caused by tension.

Similar to the light pressure involved in Myofascial Release, Guenthner of Solace Massage Therapy also practices CranioSacral Therapy. This unique type of therapy focuses on the soft tissue located near the body’s central nervous system and may not only benefit those suffering from physical pain, but also emotional pain brought on by Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

In addition to being proficient in the art of CranioSacral Therapy, Guenthner is also a Reiki Master and offers this unique method of healing to her clients. This type of Japanese therapy aims to relieve stress and promote relaxation while utilizing a unique hands-on technique.

solace2If you or someone you know is suffering from pain or stress, Solace Massage Therapy offers individual massage appointments, unique massage packages and also gift certificates. And if you’d like more information about this business, Guenthner will be at the Episcopal Church Home’s Longest Day event on Monday, June 20th.

This event, which raises awareness and funding for the Alzheimer’s Association, will showcase several local businesses that offer pampering services that can be beneficial to the elderly and those suffering from constant stress. Free chair massages will be provided by Solace Massage Therapy to those in attendance.

Call Kim Guenthner today at Solace Massage Therapy and learn which type of massage can benefit you the most. The number is (502) 939-3192!

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