Maryanna Wallace, LMT

Maryanna considers it an honor to reveal to others how the integration of balance, movement, and postured stillness can begin the shift toward vitality. As massage increases space for muscles to regulate, our bodies can relax in equilibrium whether at rest or play. In this guiding philosophy she offers her clients a customized massage experience.

Customized Massage Experience

*Swedish using light to firm pressure to provide gentle relaxation
*Prenatal focusing on the special needs that arise during pregnancy, can help reduce edema, sciatic
nerve pain, and low back strain associated with a woman’s changing body
*Deep Tissue applying sustained pressure to target inner layers of muscle and connective tissue
*Trigger Point Myofascial Release alleviating the source of pain and restoring motion through cycles of isolated pressure and release
*Reflexology promoting healing in coordinating organs along energy meridians through acupressure
*Salt Stone detoxifying minerals in the stones circulate blood and the lymph drawing out toxins
*Geothermal Therapy using cold and hot stones to treat and normalize tight and inflamed muscle

Balance and Alignment

Her 20 year yoga practice deeply informs her ability to provide calming, restorative, body manipulation. Focused on alignment and the breath, Maryanna seeks to tailor a sense of balance for those she is privileged to call clients. Her signature geothermal therapy creates a truly unique experience: blending stones, towels, and wraps. Interweaving heat with cooling elements to help loosen and soothe congested muscles.

As a licensed massage therapist, Maryanna strives to continue growing in her field. She plans to extend her services to offer Thai and Ashiatsu in the near future. The energy and commitment follows an intuitive track to address what is present in the tissue. The balance of what is and what is about to be, mirror in breath with our inhale and exhale. Maryanna invites clients to bask in a place of calm. Her awareness and respect of the body serve as a listening… she believes each body has a story to tell.