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Collette Wilson, LMT

Passionate. If one word can describe a person, Collette Wilson would be described as passionate. She is passionate about the welfare of her clients; she is passionate about her chosen profession; she is passionate about health.

Client Health and Welfare

With more than 10 years of experience, Collette is skilled in techniques that assist her clients in improving their quality of life through pain management and relief. She is qualified to offer:

  • injury and rehabilitative massage therapy
  • sports massage, both pre and post event
  • neuromuscular massage therapy, including trigger point therapy
  • myofascial therapy to restore optimum muscle function and
  • Swedish massage for deep relaxation and wellness

Collette performs medical massage with a loving touch. She listens! After a thorough assessment/evaluation, each medical massage session is tailored to meet the needs of each client using the application of specific protocols and the physician’s diagnosis, if any. All of her sessions are outcome based, meaning that the goal of relief and restoration is always her top priority. Client trust and loyalty are the result.

The Massage Therapy Profession

Collette has been active in her professional organizations as well as a major champion of the Massage Therapy Foundation, the research arm of the profession. Her dedication has been recognized by both state and national service awards. She is a past president of the Kentucky Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association.

She is passionate about the education of future therapists. She has developed student programs at the state level to support education statewide and she serves as a student clinic supervisor at the Louisville School of Massage.

Health and Wellness

In 2014 Collette turned her passion toward her own health and began running. Slowly but surely she improved her stamina until she was able to train and run in various races from 5k’s to her most recent first marathon, the 2017 Boston Marathon. Participating in the John Hancock Marathon Program, running on behalf of the Massage Therapy Foundation, Collette raised nearly $20,000 to support research and community service grants within the massage therapy profession. From personal experience she understands the dedication and the pain an athlete experiences. She knows how to support an athlete with appropriate pre and post event massage and how to assist in the rehabilitation of any injuries. Currently she works with runners, golfers, baseball players, cyclists, soccer players, tennis players, hockey players, college and professional athletes and weekend warriors.

Collette has worked in a group practice and has owned and operated her own practice in Pewee Valley. Now she is ready to work for you. If you are looking for a skilled therapist who will make your health a top priority, schedule a session with Collette Wilson. Allow her to assist you in reaching your goals towards better health! You will be glad you did.