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The art of massage and bodywork has impacted me in profound ways throughout my life. Beginning with my grandmother giving me acupressure sessions at a very early age. I remember feeling such a blissful sensation and detachment from the world. I became lost in total tranquility. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this set me on a path of learning and exploring the healing arts.

While in high school, I worked as a receptionist at a massage clinic. Through this experience, I witnessed just how powerful and transforming massage therapy can be to a person. As a result, I became a believer in the transcending potential this healing art carried in restoring balance to the mind and body, rejuvenating the heart, and reawakening the soul back to its natural state.

During my mid 20’s, I discovered the life-changing tool of meditation. I took a few courses to understand the foundation of meditation and sharpen my skills to form a more consistent practice. With much discipline and dedication to remain consistent with this new skill, I slowly started to see life unfold in magical ways for me. I noticed subtle shifts in my perspective and with my behavior. I began to really comprehend and witness the essence of what life is meant to be, for all of us. This deepening meditation practice fueled my interest to learn more about additional healing modalities. This is when I was introduced to the healing abilities of Reiki and began my studies, and eventually achieved Reiki Master status.

I discovered my true purpose and passion in life on my second trip to Pavones, Costa Rica, at a yoga and bodywork center. This center is located on top of a steep mountain in the heart of a jungle that overlooks the ocean. This yoga center was designed to fully immerse the student into a complete and transcending paradigm shift. Each participant gained profound experience, which pushed them to look inward on a very deep level. It is something that I will never forget and truly shook me at my core. I have so much reverence for that experience. This is when I accepted my true dharma, my life’s mission: to help others through the healing arts.

I have always wanted to help and nurture people, but I didn’t always know I wanted to do so through an intentional, healing touch. Since making this decision, I have never looked back. There is nothing else I would rather do. I truly look forward to every day and love that I get to massage people and help them reconnect their soul to their body. Massage is a very grounding and humbling practice for me, and I strive to make each session a valuable experience for my clients. I value every person that I come into healing contact with and view each session as an opportunity to grow.