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Vedic Thai Massage

Vedic Thai massage is a bodywork modality known as assisted yoga. It stems from the ancient cultures of Tibet, Thailand, and India and is known for its multidimensional healing approach to various aspects of the body throughout the sequences expressed. It is performed on fully clothed clients on the table or a futon on the floor.

Vedic Thai massage not only affects the muscles and fascial tissue but also works at an emotional and energetic level. During the transitions of movements and stretches, the work is designed to move congested blockages out of the body. It works to enhance the true nature and restore the soul or wholeness of the person back to its natural state. These blockages can consist of various things, such as:

  • trapped emotions,
  • any form of stress,
  • and general waste that builds up over time and prevents a person from excelling forward.

The qualities of conscious and focused breath awareness always work to enhance the results of the session.

Recipients of this work have been known to have experienced a profound and positive impact on their health and well-being. They report feeling lighter, freer, and more energized. They gain more range of motion and flexibility and feel lengthened.


Each therapist at Solace Massage is an independent contractor. Therefore, prices and services vary by therapist.

Please refer to our booking site for more detailed information.


  • 30-mins – $40 – $50
  • 45-mins-$75
  • 60-mins – $80 – $90
  • 75-mins – $110
  • 90-mins – $120