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Reviews & Testimonials

Kim Guenthner, LMT, CSTA-CP

 Exceptionally skilled massage therapist

Kim is one of the most skilled massage therapists I know. All massages feel good, but it\’s really only the exceptionally skilled massage therapist who will have the courage to push deep to relax tight muscles. I used to have low back trouble — but not since I\’ve started seeing Kim once per month. She\’s been such a help to me!\” ~Client since October 2014

Can\’t say enough

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, and I consider the therapeutic massage and Reiki sessions with Kim to be every bit as important as my medical treatment. Very soothing, relaxing and calming!\” ~Client since April 2014

Very helpful for an injury I\’ve had going on for a 15 months

Kim took her time with me and was very caring as to what I have going on physically with an injury that hinders my life. I will happily return to her.\” ~Client since May 2015

Great massage and caring therapist

I appreciate the time spent with me before the massage to determine how I can be helped the best. Money well spent!\” ~Client since January 2013

Professional and personal service

Kim listened carefully to my condition and discussed treatment with me prior to proceeding. As a first time therapy recipient, she made me feel very comfortable with the process. Kim demonstrated a great deal of professionalism and knowledge. The treatment helped me physically a great deal. She also imparted instructions for at home exercises. Her services and the value of services come with high recommendation.\” ~Client since February 2015

My experience at Solace Massage Therapy not only met my expectations, but exceeded them

Kim was both professional and insightful with the service she provided. The Reiki session she provided helped me identify several key issues that I need to address to be grounded physically, mentally, and spiritually. My experience was both healing and pleasantly surprising. She sent me away with a list of real solutions to help me address these issues. Solace Massage offered excellent service and provided more than I expected. I will definitely be using her services again. Thank you Kim!\” ~Client since January 2015

Craniosacral has helped with my multiple sclerosis pain

I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for 3 years and Craniosacral Therapy has given me the most relief I could possibly hope for. It restores the strength and balance which I have lost in the past few years. Craniosacral Therapy helps me physically and it also helps me to refresh my soul and mind. It is hard to explain but I will leave a session feeling strong and powerful both physically and emotionally. Craniosacral Therapy rejuvenates my body and my spirit! ~Client since August 2012.

Competent massage therapist

I have had chronic back pain since being pregnant with my first child, so I have been to many massage therapists. The worst being one that never even asked “where it hurts” to the best ever, which was Kim. After all those years, Kim is still the best one I have ever been to. Her attention to my acute pain and the techniques that she uses far surpass any others. She not only works on my problem area but always give me advice and suggestions to help in between sessions like specific exercises or stretches. I have and continue to recommend her to all family and friends that are seeking a competent and experienced massage therapist.\” ~Client since May 2012

Professional and intuitive

After serving over thirty years in healthcare I have become very particular when choosing health practitioners for myself, family and friends. Kim is one of those rare individuals capable of balancing professionalism with a warmth and intuitive knowing of how to best serve each client who walks through her door. You will feel instantly at ease with her genuine care and concern, and each session will leave you well rested in mind, body and spirit.\” ~Client since February 2011

Calm and relaxing

Kim has provided me with massage therapy for years. Her degree of professionalism, explanation of different techniques, care and understanding can not be surpassed. A very enjoyable, calm and relaxing time awaits you.\” ~Client since May 2011

Collette Wilson, LMT


\”I just had my massage from Collette Wilson, my LMT at Pee Wee Valley Massage. Awesome. If you are healing from an injury, Collette is the Master. My shoulder feels decent once again.\” ~Christine T.

Considerate & Professional

\”Collette is wonderful. I have been her good and faithful client for approximately five years and would not consider going to anyone else! She is considerate, professional and always makes an extra effort to ensure that I am comfortable and that she has addressed all of my specific concerns, if any, during my massage.\” ~Carol P.

Just love it

\”Love it!! Very inviting and since I\’ve been there I know how warm and cozy it is in your studio. Very professional and clean yet comfortable. Just love it!!\” ~Michael K.

Thank You!

\”Collette: just wanted to thank you for the great massage and taping you did for me – prepping for a 23-mile run with massage, then Kinesio-taping [both, the day before] is a great combination and you did a great job with both! Thank You!\” ~David O.

The best thing you can do for yourself

\”I\’ve been a client for a couple of years and this has been the best thing I\’ve done for my health. Collette is very skilled and I feel so much better after a massage. A massage from Collette is the best thing you can do for yourself.\” ~ Cathy O.

The \”Best\”

\”Collette is especially good at finding ways to treat my chronic movement disorder, called Dystonia. Dystonia involves involuntary muscle spasms accompanied by intense, DAILY pain I have tried SEVERAL massage therapists, all purported to be \”very good\”. BUT, Collette, by far, was the \”best\”. She listens…not just to me…but to my body. I respond well to her technique; I won\’t go to anyone else.\”~ Deborah N.


\”WOW what an amazing massage! I feel so much better. Thank you Collette\” ~ Jennifer S.