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Zen Facial Massage

The essence of this therapy is movement and freeing the flow of QI, or vital life force, within each client. It is holistic, so it balances the mind, body, and spirit by creating inner and outer harmony. It also moves blood and lymph and helps to circulate the fluid within the body.

Japanese Zen Facial massage works to:

  • Increase circulation and lymph flow,
  • decrease blood pressure,
  • reduce ischemia,
  • reduce pain,
  • increase muscle tone and fascia,
  • reduce muscular tension,
  • improve skin conditions (color, appearance, texture),
  • improve skin pathologies (decrease redness, thickening, abrasions, itching),
  • reduce surface dimpling of cellulite (alters shape and appearance of cellulite under skin),
  • reduce stress, anxiety, depression,
  • reduce fatigue- more alertness & focus,
  • reduces insomnia,
  • prevents wrinkles and premature aging.

This facial massage addresses skin, muscles, fascia, and circulation as well as deeper emotional issues connected to chronic imbalances.


Each therapist at Solace Massage is an independent contractor. Therefore, prices and services vary by therapist.

Please refer to our booking site for more detailed information.


  • 45-mins – $70
  • 60-mins – $75